CiRCUS is in town! Autumn 2006 it was finally in stores, the genre-spanning debut 12" from three well known young fellas, who combined under the "Circus" moniker to raise the level of austrian club-music with a little help from top-class international guests.

Felix Leiter, better known as BNCKD of vienna's hip hop formation Waxolutionists, as well as Daniel and Fabian Schreiber aka the Twintowas (who already gave proof of their musical talents as the live-instrumentalists from the Supercity Soundsystem) are travelling off the beaten track to deliver us some massive broken beat tunes. Since 2002 the viennese future boogie imprint got more and more serious, starting remixing for local artists such as Forms of plasticity, Heinz aus Wien, Couchrecords artist Cay Taylan and others. After a 2 years break they started off with new ideas, mixes + energy - leading into a coop with the vienna based label Sunshine Enterprises. Magic Potion, a track of Nigel Hayes upcoming album, got reworked by Circus for the upcoming compilation "This is how we lounge 3".
The debut twelve was released on Sunshine in september 2006, featuring uks supreme vocalists Motet and Lyric L, L´Enfant Terrible from vienna and Inverse Cinematics - getting finest airplay and echos from dj´s + radioshows like Worldwide, Alex Attias, Domu, Eddy, Beyondjazz, the Goya radioshow and many more. February 07 a 3 tune remix project dropped on Dope Noir, 2 remixes for Dj Vadim on BBE Records and this year the long awaited coop with Danilo Plessow aka Inverse Cinematics is going to be finally revealed on Sunshine!



"I know you" ft. Motet + Lyricl b/w "signs" ft. L´Enfant Terrible | 12" | Sunshine | 2006
"Aqueduct" | 12" | Dope Noir | 2007
"sagres" | Circus meets Inverse cinematics | 12" | Sunshine | 2008


Remix for Cay Taylans "Ference Pushkash" | Couch Records | 2003
Remix for Fops "Easy Going Chick" | Universal Jazz | 2003
Remix for Fops "Poland" | Crackedanegg Records | 2005
Remix for Mdlas "Buscando" | Sunshine | 2005
Remix for Nigel Hayes "Magic Potion" | Sunshine | 2006
Remix for Dephjoes "Du bist wie" | Crackedanegg Records | 2006
Remix for Dj Vadim ft. Big Red "killkillkill" | BBE Records | 2007
Remix for Dj Vadim ft. Sena "Talk To Me" | BBE Records | 2008
Remix for Hygher Baby | Raw Fusion | 2009