L´Enfant Terrible

L'enfant terrible aka Vera Böhnisch isn't exactly a newcomer in the Austrian Music scene, but it's been a while since her last 'Solo Release' in 05.
Her significant ,powerful Soulvoice is still unmistakably, but the musical surrounding is heading towards a more sophisticated audience and is also due to her musical companions Davoodi ('David' Lackner), Dandanger & Fabfusion (also known as the 'Twintowas') aswell as Dj Buzz (Waxolutionists) and Bionickid (Waxolutionists/Circus) who all participated on Veras new material.

Getting more and more involved with not only writing her music but also producing it she has been recording songs with a Team of Producers for some time and also featured several Live Shows includingforemost Supercity Society, Waxolutionists Live Set ,DephJoe ,Karuan, Rodney Hunter or AlHaca Soundsystem just to name a few. After being featured on several Tunes by some of Viennas finest for the last couple of time ,this year it will finally be her time to shine again with her LP release"Introducing L'Enfant Terrible..." being expected by August and the frisky teaser Single "Dear Ladies" being released as soon as the beginning of June. An afterdark 7" is also in the makes and is about to take you to the clubs just as the 12" Teaser "Crashing your Party" raised the expectations.
Her sound is a very kinky mixture between brokenbeat , electronic and hiphop and Veras Vocals make it highly recognizable .Be sure to watch out for Supercitys' first lady who is just about to bang her own drum and will definitely do it her way .


"Get ur funk done" | Album | 2002 | Universal Records
"Lil&Addict" | Maxi | 2002 | Universal Records
"Tonight" | Maxi 2002 | Universal Records
"Welcome to my Recordbag" | Album | 2005 | Universal Records
"Sign ur name" | Maxi | 2005 | Universal Records
"Makossa&Megablast-Kunuaka" | Album | Track Like a Rocket | G Stone
"Circus-I know you" | 12" | Track Signs | Sunshine Enterprises
"Circus-Aqueduct " | 12" | Track Visions | Dope Noir
"Al Haca-Family Business" | Album | Track Family Business
"Albin Janoska-Le grand Baheux" | Album | Track Ruffcutz
"Karuan-Pop Arif" | Album | Track Circles | Sunshine Enterprises
"Rodney Hunter- Hunterville | Album | Track definition pt.II | G-Stone