This, That & The 3rd

In 2007 three household names in American Hip-Hop stopped over in Vienna to join forces with one of the cities most prolific producers. MC's Mystic, Dave Ghetto and Hezekiah gathered from their hometowns Los Angeles, Philly & New Jersey for this one of a kind European tour named Love Life.
Fortunately they had some time off and hooked up with DJ Buzz for some studio time, which a few days later resulted in an amazing seventeen tracks laid down under the moniker of "This, That and The 3rd". Back then two tracks found their way on the Waxolutionists longplayer We Paint Colors and years later the rest of those recordings would get re-arranged, re-mastered & brought back to new sound standards for a very special release on Personal Records, entitled "Summer In Vienna" - check the releases area for more news on this and have a look at the summer in vienna video snippet

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