Comfort Fit – Polyshufflez LP

21. Juli 2009 BNCKD


 just got some news in my mailbox and definitly like it a lot.
tokyo dawn records, for those who don´t know - a small and fine netlabel with strong roots in the netaudio scene since the earliest days, is back with a fulllength release of their artist “Comfort Fit“, located in germany, mannheim.

Polyshufflez” holds 72 minutes of high fidelity based on polyrhythmic beat structures and postmodern pop perspectives, using music codes of genres such as Hip-Hop, Dub-Step and Techno merely as comic template.  
As i´m just listening through the 22 tunes, i catch traces of dimlite & co. It´s not just another beat tape;
it´s ideas, combinations of themes, rhytmical patterns and kinda (sometimes) ambient touch concludes in a well done piece of music, stringent from the first to the last tone.

Comfort Fit himself about his LP: “Polyshufflez is a groove study which goes far beyond the traditional understanding of rhythm. It is my attempt to make this special rhythmical phenomenon accessible to the public consciousness and to give it a name. The concentration lies on the space between the beats, not on the beats themselves.”
The featurette includes Howard Marks (best known for his worldwide bestseller book ‘Mr Nice’), Blaktroniks, Wallis Bird, Gajah, Anita Tijoux, Naboobia and Caitlin Meissner.

Polyshufflez is going to be released on the 14th of August! listen to the teaser right there:


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  1. pete

    really happy you shared this with us! thanks

  2. Manuva

    sounds great indeed.

  3. Fabien

    Thank you! :)

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