Almighty Dreadnaughtz - “A Red Eye Smokin”

15. September 2009 Feux

Almighty Dreadnaughtz Present ARES: “A Red Eye Smokin” (Mixtape)


1. Introduction
2. Speed (Feat. Guilty Simpson & Kriz Steel)
3. Try It
4. Smokin
5. Lookout (Feat. Cysion)
6. Don’t cry (Feat. Kawshus & Scizrz)
7. You can’t
8. Run and hide (Feat. Supa Emcee)
9. So amazin (Feat. Kriz Steel)
10. Damn he outcold (Feat. Guilty Simpson)
11. Sound of Slautah
12. Disaster (Feat. Konphlict & Scizrz)
13. She Still Want Mo’
14. Do that thang
15. Ain’t no way (Feat. Phuzion)
16. It’s a stick up

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  1. Burnee

    freshes ding! phuzion feature is sehr cool! rest sowieso hehe

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