DJ Buzz
Angels & Demons

Personal Rec. next strike again by DJ Buzz, well known as 1/3 of Austrian Hip-Hop/Funk/Electronic-Combo
Waxolutionists and mastermind of the Supercity Soundsystem.
"Angel & Demons" is 2nd of 3 limited Seven-Inches from DJ Buzz on Personal Rec.

All shows the two faces of this heavy beat producer from Vienna. Sunny A-Side and a dark B-Side.
"Angel" with superb arrangement rolling down the lane shinning bright and beautiful.
While the flipside gets really dark. Slow & heavy with some obscure folky Vocals on top.
This personal release comes again in special sleeve design.


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VÖ: 16.05.2008
Label: Personal Rec.
Kat. Nr.:  PRED008