Feet Don´t Fail me ft. Mystic, Dave Ghetto & Hezekiah

As a first teaser, we present the long awaited Waxos 12" "Feet don´t fail me" feat. the vocal talents of american hiphop allstars Dave Ghetto (long time collaborator of DJ Jazzy Jeff), Hezekiah (riding on the sucess of his solo debut "I predict a Riot" on NYCs finest Rawkus Records) and that girl Mystic.
Expect a hip hop classic in the making that will bounce the dancefloors worldwide. Furthermore, we got some excellent remixes coming along with the original.
Grooveman Spot from the Jazzy Sport massive outta Tokyo adds that special twist to the track, and Kid Sublime outta Amsterdam even completly re-did the track, adding his own vocals.

Artwork by Dust

Jay Scarlett (Beat Dimensions/Amp Soul Radio Show)
"Waxos bring that vienna feeling of unique beat structures with some of the best
individual features that all stand out in their own right. MC's Dave Ghetto and Mystic with producer & MC Hezekiah + Kid Sublime bringing a whole new twist on his re-fix and vocalised version of "Feet" with dilla-ish beat programming and a rap style only unique to the kid himself. great european sunshine flavour in ya ear!"

DJ Mitsu the Beats (GAGLE/Jazzy Sport/Japan)
"Good MCs & good beats, simple as it is but I'm feeling it's the best on hip hip -
Grooveman Spot's remix, he re-build from original in a fantastic way.
I love the way Kid Sublime sing along too"

Pure P (Hygher Baby/Up Hygh/Sweden)
"I'm very picky with music. But I like this shit. Then it MUST be good!"

Sepalot (Blumentopf/Compost Rec.)
"This Waxos release is heavy and exactly what Hip Hop from Europe 2008 should be:
Fresh to death."

IG Culture (New Sector Movements/London)
"Ruff Neck Soundz, I like the beat!"



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VÖ: 01.09.2008
Label: Sunshine
Kat. Nr.:  SR 079/1