With „Gumbo", vienna based beat maker and producer Branko Jordanovic alias BRENK, provides a ruff first insight into his creative process as a beat maker over the last years.
How does music in the life of a maniac, who´s steadily pounding beats in his cave, nearly eating or such, sound like? Well...guess pretty similar like a fresh made spicy gumbo with loads of spices and herbs!
Brenk´s recipe: From motown soul to mid 90´s westcoast hiphop, from late 60´s and 70´s soulmusic to Pete Rock and Dilla.
You´ll get to know and recognize Brenk´s personal note within minutes, but still - the vibe changes, developes, goes up and down every minute, revealing new subtle ingredients with every new bar. Enjoy soulfood for the ears in it´s best form, 21 handselected beats on limited vinyl, laid down by the master!




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VÖ: 01.09.2008
Label: Supercity
Kat. Nr.:  SC013