Ole Woam (Ia Wisz As)

Brenk is one of Austria's hardest working beatmakers. An old school NWA fanatic and proud Dilla disciple, Brenk is coming with a sound of it's very own. "Ole Woam" is a beautifully deep space soul track with a great little vocoder chorus. "Don't Stop" is on a futuristic fantastic tip with deep keys and some classic Knef ish. Please note: all four tracks are taken from Brenk's instrumental album "Gumbo" out on Supercity.



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VÖ: 14.03.2008
Label: Melting Pot Music
  • 01. Orbit Bus (Skit)
  • 02. Ole Woam
  • 03. Love Sounds (Skit)
  • 04. Don´t Stop