This, That & The 3rd
Summer In Vienna

In 2007 three household names in American Hip-Hop stopped over in Vienna to join forces with one of the cities most prolific producers.
MC's Mystic, Dave Ghetto and Hezekiah gathered from their hometowns Los Angeles, Philly & New Jersey for this one of a kind European tour named Love Life.
Fortunately they had some time off and hooked up with DJ Buzz for some studio time, which a few days later resulted in an amazing seventeen tracks laid down.

Years later those recordings would get re-arranged, re-mastered & brought back to new sound standards for this marvelous and fresh sounding triple longplayer with
stunning artwork by Viennese artist, El Lasso
Until now only Feet Don't Fail Me & Dance With Me found their way onto an album, namely the 2009 released and last full-length We Paint Colors longplayer by the
Waxolutionists - the production crew around DJ Buzz. 

personal rec. brings you this gem via digital platforms and good ol' vinyl. The first 200 copies will be available as a handnumbered 3LP including the instrumentals and a downloadcode, another 100 copies come as a 2LP and a seperate instrumental 12". 

Don´t miss out on this - time and tide waits for no man!



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VÖ: 04.04.2014
Label: Personal Rec.
Kat. Nr.:  PRED020