´s geht bergab…und bergauf

5. Januar 2009 BNCKD

bin grad beim desktop aufräumen und lesezeichen managen auf diesen link im time mag gestossen, er is nicht mehr neu, ganz im gegenteil…aber noch immer aktuell denk ich…
wer oder was allerdings das new & improved product schlussendlich darstellen soll und wie new & improved es auch wirklich sein wird, ist (noch immer) die frage.  wär ja mal was anderes, überall anstelle der usual faces einen dorian concept nebst kool kids, flying lotus, common, etc zu sehen ;)

“….When the political activist Al Sharpton pivoted from his war against bigmouth radio man Don Imus to a war on bad-mouth gangsta rap, the instinct among older music fans was to roll their eyes and yawn. Ten years ago, another activist, C. Delores Tucker, launched a very similar campaign to clean up rap music. She focused on Time Warner (parent of TIME), whose subsidiary Interscope was home to hard-core rappers Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur. In 1995 Tucker succeeded in forcing Time Warner to dump Interscope.

Her victory was Pyrrhic. Interscope flourished, launching artists like 50 Cent and Eminem and distributing the posthumous recordings of Shakur. And the genre exploded across the planet, with rappers emerging everywhere from Capetown to the banlieues of Paris. In the U.S. alone, sales reached $1.8 billion.

The lesson was Capitalism 101: rap music’s market strength gave its artists permission to say what they pleased. And the rappers themselves exhibited an entrepreneurial bent unlike that of musicians before them. They understood the need to market and the benefits of line extensions. Theirs was capitalism with a beat.”

und das geht´s weiter

ps..ich find´s ja sehr amüsant, dass dieser artikel bzw generell ein artikel über rap / hiphop nicht bei rubriken wie “people, lifestyle, music, … ” zu finden ist, sondern bei “global business”.

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