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31. Oktober 2008 Manuva


DJ´s: MR.THING (BBE Records/London)
hosted by MR.WISDOM & D.B.H
Hello boys and girls!

Please welcome the amazing Mr.Thing, producer of the programmatic “Dancing Shoes”! Mr.Thing has honed his turntable technique to that of a fine art. The former Scratch Pervert is THE Party DJ - with a residency at London superclub Fabric, Thing knows the tracks that truly rock a crowd. Besides skill and experience, Mr.Thing has dedication like no other when it comes to digging for those untouched and unrivaled samples and breaks. Now this is the real Thing!


*** SAT 01 NOV 08 ***
Its Luis Figueroas 30th birthday anniversary at Club U!

Our main man Luis Figueroa is throwing a big birthday session
with the finest music selected and played out by Mr.
and The Loud Minority family Dereck Foreal, Ella and Lazy Mason.

Heavy rockin party guaranteed ; )

fuck halloween, ehrlich.

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Things done changed

30. Oktober 2008 Prokobeats

Okay, wenn sogar der Big Boss von FOX, nämlich Rupert Murdoch, dem demokratischen Kandidaten mehr oder weniger seine Stimme gibt oder zumindest seine Symphatie für ihn ausspricht, was kann da noch schiefgehen…

Ja, auch ich habe Angst vor dem latenten Rassismus den die Polls nicht erfassen und der dann in der Wahlkabine passiert, aber GOD DAMN what does it take…

It’s about time they turn the white house into the black house, nahmean


Let’s hope the best. Keep the crazy nutheads (Palin…) out of Washington.

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mighty mos is back

30. Oktober 2008 Manuva

zwischen seiner schauspielkarriere hat ihn wohl wieder mal die lust gepackt, ein paar songs zu schreiben… wirklich überzeugen tut mich der track allerdings nicht…

mos def - life_in_marvelous_times


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Fulgeance - Low Club EP

30. Oktober 2008 Feux

YoYo! Fulgeance - a french electro-hiphop-beat-nerd - is soon dropping his second EP called “Low Club“. Releasedate will be the 13th of November via the French Label Musique Large


3. CHICO (Dorian Concept Remix)
5. I LUV U
6. TITA LIMA - ESQUIZOFREVO (Fulgeance Luv’N'Hate Remix)

And get a “make yourself paper MPC” buyin your LOW CLUB EP on Musique Large and Nuff Stylee !


For this reason the Elektrofachadel - just a few peeps who organise some dope parties @ Jazzit! (Salzburg) monthly - invited him for three gigs (as part of the “Low Club Tour”) to Austria.

18.Dez.2008 - LOW CLUB TOUR @ Stadtwerkstatt (LINZ) w/ DJ FLip ..
19.Dez.2008 - LOW CLUB TOUR @ tba w/ Dorian Concept, Sam Irl & Paracelsus DJ-Set (VIENNA)
20.Dez.2008 - LOW CLUB TOUR @ JAZZIT w/ Dorian Concept, Sam Irl & Paracelsus DJ-Set (SALZBURG)

See ya there!


Check out Ms Alice Duffay’s “Beats & Faces” Project:

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Impressionen aus dem Wahlkampf

29. Oktober 2008 Prokobeats

Aber Hauptsache die Kinder lernen dann Kreationismus in der Schule *kopfschüttel*

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Coldcut vs TV Sheriff “Revolution ‘08″

29. Oktober 2008 Manuva

der us-whalkampf geht in die heisse phase und matt black und jonathan moore alias coldut, die immer schon bei ihren auftritten auch ihre politischen statements in ihre visuals haben einfliessen lassen, haben sich durch den telemedialen wahlwahnsinn gekampft und ein video mit den highlights produziert.

A drum+bass powered all-out AV assault on an American media machine now in psychotic overdrive for the Presidential election. A 10000-frame crash edit comedy celebration of the blatant corruption, warmongering, florid insanity and plain good old smelly bullshit that characterises the cultural landscape of the world’s most confused country. 21st century satire is alive and well.



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Mixed up! Hiphop für Funkschmecker.

28. Oktober 2008 Prokobeats

Young Vito, voice of the young people, mouthpiece for hustlers:

Jeden Dienstag im Wirr gibt’s feinsten Hiphop und Funk. Check hiphop.at for further information!

For all those who wanna get the party startin’ early in the week!

Shoutout an meinen Havara DJ Kidkut who always plays Biggie for me…

And if you don’t know, now you know…

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28. Oktober 2008 Prokobeats

Allen nicht scratch-affinen Leuten hier dürfte Ricci Rucker aka Nicks aka Aliosity aka Ruckazoid wohl eher kein Begriff sein.

Kurzzusammenfassung: einer der weltbesten Scratcher, eine D-Styles Forum Legende und auch ein verdammt guter Producer.

Hier der Beweis: Ein Rap-Remix Album, dass er vor ca. 2 Jahren produziert hat. Definitely worth the listen!

Hier geht’s zu den restlichen 3 Parts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8MPY1q9qj8&feature=related

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313 RADiOSHOW playlist, 27.10.08

28. Oktober 2008 313RADiO

SHOW_313_081027 #16
kido soon´s
neil cowley trio - his nibs - candid
waxolutionists - flashlight ft. hygherbaby (dj vadim remix) - sunshine
voice - fantasy pt1 (think twice remix - public transit
think twice - stars - public transit
fudge fingas - escape - firecracker
linkwood family - whats up with the underground - firecracker
circus - oh my dancer (reedit) - white
domu - so move - treble o
michelle amador - because of you (yoruba soul remix) - sick trumpet
nutmeg - so real (the dummy) - neroli
inverse cinematics - dont give up - pulver records
nicole willis & the soul investigators - invisible (simbad remix) - above the clouds
blakai - white (2009)
bnckd´s mix
ben watt - guinea pig - buzzin fly
solomun vs. ost & kjex - federgewicht (oslo version) - diynamic music
loco dice - pimp jackson is talkin now - desolat
morgan geist - detroit (carl craig remix) - environ
sebo k - far out - mobilee
holger zilske - the bees - playhouse
motor city drum ensemble - raw cuts #3 - MCDE
jack high - arachnid eyes - up my alley
shawn j. period - places everyone - brownswood
flying lotus - it´s a secret - milan records
ahmad jamal - i love music - impulse
nas - the world is yours - columbia

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The Boombox Project

26. Oktober 2008 Manuva


boombox-fetish bilder vom fotografen lyle owerko. für meinen geschmack zu viel photoshop, aber die sammlung ist beeindruckend.

dieses model steht übrigens bei mir auf dem plattenregal…



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26. Oktober 2008 Manuva

hand, hand, drehung, clap, schnippsen, hand, kopf zurück, faust, handrücken, clap, kurze pause, nochmal clap… aäh, falsch…. nochmal von vorne…



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Beat of the Week #3

26. Oktober 2008 Feux

Brittany Bosco is a singer/songwriter from Savannah, Georgia, USA.
Her first release City of Nowhere is already soled out - edit: “is coming back soon” @ cdbaby!

YouTube Preview Image
… there is also this very hard to find promo “Spectrum EP”. As a little teaser i got this track called the “City of Nowhere”. So watch out for this young lady! There is defenitely more comin to see and listen.

Brittany Bosco - City of Nowhere

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African Swim

25. Oktober 2008 Feux

Nach Compilation Collabos mit “Ghostly” und “Def Jux” hier eine neue gratis Compilation von Adult Swim. [DOWNLOAD]

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Dr Who Dat? - The ‘Fantastic JJ Project’ Mixtape

25. Oktober 2008 Feux

…France-based hip hop maestros Fantastic Planet have just released their ‘Fantastic JJ Project’, a mixtape dedicated to Jneiro Jarel, specifically to his Dr Who Dat? alter ego. All the beats from this mix are taken from JJ’s almost entirely instrumental Beat Journey album, only now with added raps and cuts from USA’s Mattic and La Fin Equipe crew…

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