29. November 2009 Brenk

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Eines der besten samples ever!!!

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Elektrofachadel presents…

26. November 2009 Feux

Morgen im Celeste (Wien) Elektrofachadel mit…


Abilliy, Lena

Kon.txt, Lwz

read more @

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26. November 2009 bity

A quick reminder for all those who have missed out on this brilliant hip hop documentary - keep it real!

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More treats via YouTube:


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N.A.S.A. “Spacious Thoughts” (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith)

26. November 2009 Aro

Schöne Kombo mit Kool Keith und Tom Waits…wieviel Whiskey muss man trinken für so eine Stimme!? Guter Song und das Video ist auch ganz nice.

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Orisue Nor Cal Invasion

26. November 2009 bity

The Orisue team recently blazed through North California (Fresno, Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco). This following program is dedicated to the city and people of San Francisco, who may not know it, but they are beautiful.

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25. November 2009 Brenk

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So seh ich das mahdi…haha i kid, i kid!Und ich weiss es gibt auch eine LA LA nummer also net versuchen zu kontern ;-)

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i want one of those - nachtrag

25. November 2009 BNCKD

usb plattenspieler is ja ganz nett, aber wer toys mag wie zb das oder das … kann auch vielleicht damit was anfangen, wobei sich´s vielleicht eher als geschenk für die dame des hauses oder starwars nerds eignet…


die etwas anderen my little pony figuren, händisch umgestaltet nach vorlage von zb star wars und anderer diverser comics;  gebastelt und verkauft von der finnischen kunststudentin mari kasurinen.
kostenpunkt: ~ 330€ das stück, also fast schon abverkaufspreis;)

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warp20 - paris

24. November 2009 BNCKD

First teaser showcasing Warp20 (Paris), the opening event of a series to celebrate the pioneering music, film and art label Warp’s twentieth birthday. Full film coming soon. Music is ‘Mettle’ by Leila.

flylo live in paris @ cité de la musique


und hier nochmehr warp20 action!

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what´s new on soundcloud

24. November 2009 BNCKD

fes from beatmup made a nice remix for taylor mc ferrin

Taylor Mcferrin - Taylor Mcferrin ( Fes Flip ) by Fes010spaceman

this one right here  is a fresh thing by young rotterdam based producer 1st Angle, who´s working together with j_83 and Bluntspeakers on several projects such as tape Muderation.


1st Angle DONT STOP 9 by Fes010spaceman


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Austrian turntablism Galore

24. November 2009 Manuva

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echte DJ-skillz from  austria!!!!!!!!!



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24. November 2009 Manuva

Serge Gainsbourg - animation des graffitis sur 5 ans du mur rue de Verneuil from Arnaud Jourdain on Vimeo.

dieses graffiti wurde in paris über einer zeitspanne von fünf jahren gemalen und der entstehungsprozess dokumentiert. das material wurde fotografiert und in einem 3D programm animiert. great stuff.



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edison - tonka truck

24. November 2009 Manuva

edison - tonka truck from edison on Vimeo.

all one shot sounds…
no loops running….
64 buttons
64 noises….
shot on 2 HD cameras, 720p, 1 live take…..
with audio captured right to camera…..

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Ridiculous Pool

24. November 2009 bity

Once upon a pool there was an artist, a pool shark and a dream.

D*face spent four days (stencil) painting the Ridiculous pool, owned by pro surfer Peter King. Skate action by Salba, Jen O’Brien, Ronnie Yerman, Kevin Burke, Art Miranda, Nick Yamasota, Tristan, Nathan and a few more.

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i want one of those: carhartt handy trax

23. November 2009 BNCKD

Some say that buying vinyl discs these days makes you a romantic. Others claim that music pressed on vinyl is a cultural asset worth preserving. Carhartt says: vinyl just sounds better.


For the Fall/Winter Collection 2009 Carhartt is cooperating exclusively with Japanese company Vestax to bring a limited edition of the Handy Trax USB turntable into the shops – a portable record player for all-round use.

This vinyl player is the perfect pulse generator for picnics that turn into cosy open-air parties. It is also the perfect listening device for every dyed-in-the-wool vinyl enthusiast during extensive excavation trips at fl ea markets and record shops.

A tough plastic casing and the capability to operate at angles of up to 90 degrees make the Handy Trax player fit for universal use. On top of this, a stereo line-out makes hooking it up to your hi-fi system at home easy and a mini line-in jack also allows you to connect external devices such as MP3 players.

If you prefer to listen to your music digitally but own a large analogue collection, you can easily transform your vinyl into binary code via the newly integrated USB port. A transformation that results in loss of sound quality, of course…

That’s why Carhartt recommends using your Vestax Handy Trax USB turntable for nothing else but vinyl.


more infos here

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