22. September 2009 BNCKD

one of the labels, that extensively influenced me, turned 20. Warp Records, founded in 1989 by Steve Beckett & Rob Mitchell in Sheffield, is one of the biggest, finest and trendsetting indie labels ever since.

With LFO they had their first chart entries in the early nineties;  with Nightmares on Wax´ “Smokers Delight” in 1995, one of the first ultimate achievements in downbeat; besides the influental greatness of artists like Aphex Twin, Autechre or Squarepusher, they released music of Luke Vilbert, Two Lone Swordsman, Prefuse 73, Plaid and loads of others…
lately they´ve been breaking down the hiphop frontiers (besides prefuse and anti pop consortium) with Flying Lotus.

20 years of extraordinary and complex music is worthy to release a best of album: the warp guys are releasing Warp20 on the 25th of Sept: 10 best of tracks selected by the warp originators and 10 online chosen tracks by the warp community. sounds lovely! i´ll grab something to eat and listen to LFO by LFO, Hard Normal Daddy and some richard d. james muzik!


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