Slumgullion - Disko

12. Januar 2009 Feux

Slumgullion is back. Sir Oj, Kid Nap & Dok bring us some new funky-spacey-disco-headnod stuff. Watch out for more stuff of them guys!

1. Springers
2. Disko Bowler
3. Favela
4. Starcrossed
5. Whats up Dok?!
6. Dreamy
7. KidKarig
8. Window

Download here

Message from Nalden:

Another free release I love to host is brought to you by Slumgullion (SirOJ, Kid Nap & Dok), a group of young producers who compose music. Roaming the underground for already a few years they now created Disko containing eight instrumental tracks for you to enjoy. My favorite is the straight up banger ‘Whats Up Dok?!’. Download Disko by Slumgullion now!

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