Hova - Death of Autotune

6. Juni 2009 Prokobeats

Street Single vom Blueprint 3. Beat von Kanye und No ID.

He still got it?

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Das Karriereende von T-Pain. Siehe “And i don’t wear Jerseys, I’m 30 plus

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7 Reaktionen zu “Hova - Death of Autotune”
  1. Mahdi


    only rapper to rewrite history without a pen

  2. Manuva

    das bekommt 5 von 5 sternen. this is senatra at the opera…

  3. Mahdi

    i know we are facing a recession but the music y’all making gonna make it the great depression


  4. jeffvangundy

    moment of silence!

    No ID on the track, baby!

  5. Latrell Sprewell

    jeff…could you please help out your brother to get over Lakers? we both know that you are the smarter van gundy…


  6. brrrenk

    banga!!!ich freu mich unglaublich das amal wer in so einer positon des sagt…

  7. brrrenk


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