Supercity presents:
Szenario - Dreaming In Public
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29. März 2010 Supercity


It has been a while since Supercity came up with its last release, but now it’s about time to present to you an 18 track strong album by Supercity member, producer and Vienna based beataddict Szenario. Alongside producers like Dorian Concept, DJ Buzz, Brenk, The Clonious and many more, he is part of a big and strong generation of beatmakers straight out of Austria´s capitol.

Szenario: This is my story… or part of it!

Dreaming in Public is a trip into the mind of Vienna based producer Szenario, where Mozart meets Lynch, John Cage shares macrobiotic food with Sun Ra & Giant Grasshoppers chase after Giulietta Masina.

The LP contains 18 tracks… or some people might say, movie scenes. After his first instrumental LP Sidestreets (Supercity, 2006) Szenario lifted his very own way of storytelling onto the next level.

This 18 Track Album is available as a free download and at every digital store world wide!

Please spread the word an let everyone know!


zShare - DOWNLOAD: Szenario - Dreaming In Public

mediafire - DL: Szenario - Dreamin In Public

Listen to Szenario - Dreaming In Public:

A Priori

In The Studio

Glycerine Gum

After Sundown

Click for more…


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Abby Lee Tee - Eklektik Session 3 Mix

13. März 2010 Manuva

Teil 3 der “Eklektik-Sessions” des französischen Labels Eklektik-Records gemixt von DJ Abby Lee Tee

some unreleased - some released - some new - some old
AD BOURKE - eye of the goat
BRETZEL ZOO - dont let the rain comes to your ass
SWEDE:ART - knackered
YOGGYONE - jokeboxxx
1000NAMES - toys room combat
THE CLONIOUS - fogged spacesuit
COHOBA - edipo
VLOOPER - muzungu
REZ - last call
THE CLONIOUS - flags and words
COMFORT FIT - swabian sound system
ELECTRIC EGYPT - kundalini



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Beware & Motorpitch Video und Free Seiji Remix

1. März 2010 Manuva

YouTube Preview Image

mein sportsfreund dj beware hat ja vor wenigen wochen zusammen mit motorpitch auf man recordings seine The El Toro! EP veröffentlicht, wo es jetzt ein smoothes video und sogar den Seiji remix von El Toro! als freien download gibt.

Beware+Motorpitch “El Toro (Seiji Remix)” by MANRECORDINGS

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Suff Daddy - The High Adventures Beattape

25. Februar 2010 Manuva

daddy knallt ein beattape raus… wir sind dabei.

get it

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Gonzales - Pianist Envy Mixtape

18. Februar 2010 Szenario


I offer to you the first-ever piano mixtape “PIANIST ENVY”. My declaration of defiance to the rappers and beatmakers who, unbeknownst to them, leave space for my musical imagination.

You know those rap beats and electro songs – the ones with almost nothing in them? Tipsy, Grindin’, A Millie, Rollin’ and Scratchin’, Single Ladies? Well, I go all Liberace on these beats with my piano and my orchestra. Claude Von Stroke, 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson, Rocky Balboa and Gonzo himself all make cameos.

Go here to get something ( a free download of the mixtape ) for nothing.

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MIX: Kwatro x Robot Koch

15. Februar 2010 Manuva


nach leftOoo gibt es jetzt auch einen mix von robot koch für kwatro right here… hi qualitiy stuff as always!


Kwatro X Robot Koch by Kwatro on Mixcloud

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Flying Lotus

11. Februar 2010 Manuva


ich muss mir echt gaaaanz schwer auf die lippen beißen, damit ich nichts ausquatsche… mmpfflpmmpf…. nur so viel: das neue flying lotus album erschein am 4. mai auf warp records und wird …. mppffmpfgrrfp…. nun ja… nur soviel sei verraten… auch ein stück österreich wird darauf vetreten sein. so, jetzt maul halten! und hier drei songs runterladen, die es nicht aufs album geschafft haben:

read on


big up.

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Paul White Mix

11. Februar 2010 Manuva

oh music10

der mix ist zwar schon ein bischen älter, aber auf keinen fall ist das datum schon abgelaufen. dieser mix von paul white wurde vor gut einem jahr für mary anne hobbs show auf BBC1 zusammengestellt und beinhaltet eine menge unreleaster songs.

Paul White – ‘Alien Nature’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Sea Life’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Nasty Business’ (Unreleased)
Paul White – ‘Carbon’ - (Unreleased)
Bullion – ‘Are You The One’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Uprising Of The Insane’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Grimy Light’ (Unreleased)
Burning Spear – ‘People Get Ready’ (Island)
Paul White – ‘Floating Free’ (One-Handed Music)
Mort Garson – ‘Let The Sunshine In’ (A & M)
Tangerine Dream – ‘Force Majeure’ (Virgin)


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Unreleased by Dwele

12. Januar 2010 Manuva


und noch ein freies album zum download mit wirklich raren und unreleaseten songs von dwele, die man sich entweder auf die platte ziehen oder gleich online anhören kann.

Dwele’s demo, which is also considered his first album, 1998’s Rize, was sold out of the trunk of his car exuding the DIY ethic that is much more predominant nowadays but wasn’t as prevalent then. Bubbling over with warm Rhodes, unconventional lyrics and soul, soul, soul it helped him score a deal with Virgin where he… released his first studio album Subject. He’s continued to release albums since then and has become an industry favorite.

In between recordings, he stayed in the studio banging out treats for his friends, fans and potential albums. A lot of these tracks have never seen an official release, yet they fell through the cracks and onto the computers of voracious listeners. We here at BamaLoveSoul feel as if these tracks should be heard.

Enter Keep RIZEing to the Top: a SELECTION of Unreleased Dwele Songs from his many unreleased albums and projects. Enjoy!

via trishes

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Kweli/Hi-Tek - The Re:Union Mixtape

11. Januar 2010 Manuva

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are back with the RE:Union mixtape, mixed by Statik Selektah ! !

1. Intro
2. Revolutions Per Minute
3. In This World ##
4. Hip-Hop (Unreleased)
5. Back Again ##
6. Wishing On A Black Star
7. Just Begun ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole, & Mos Def ##
8. Come Around ft. Termanology & Royce da 5′9 (produced by Statik Selektah)
9. Internet Connection
10. Let It Go ft. Dion
11. Testify ft. Styles P
12. Time
13. The Thrill Is Gone ft. Styles P (produced by Statik Selektah)
14. Can We Go Back
The Reflection Eternal Classics:
15. Fortified Live ft. Mos Def & Mr Man
16. Chaos ft Bahamadia
17. The Express
18. Respiration ft. Common & Mos Def
19. Definition ft. Mos Def
20. RE:Defininition ft. Mos Def
21. Move Something
22. Ghetto Afterlife ft Kool G Rap
23. The Blast RMX ft. Erykah Badu
24. Good To You (produced by Kanye West)
25. Get By REMIX ft. Jay-Z, Mos Def, Kanye West, & Busta Rhymes
(produced by Kanye west)
26. Back Up Offa Me
27. Piano (Hi Tek ft. Ghostface)
28. Music is Life (Hi Tek ft. Nas)
29. Hang Ups (NEW Reflection Eternal not on album)
30. Outro

das tracklisting ist wohl argument genug, oder?


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DJ Scientist & DJ Arok - Godly Grooves

21. Dezember 2009 Feux

hatte ich schon mal gepostet…. aber jetzt gibts den mix auch for free!
dringend auschecken.. unglaublich guter mix.

DJ Scientist & DJ Arok present: Godly Grooves by Godly Grooves

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Paul White - Sounds From The Skylight

4. Dezember 2009 Feux

für eine emailadresse gibts Paul Whites neue 12 inch als digitalen free download..

Paul White - Sounds from the Skylight

OneHandedMusic on the rise. big up alex_chase

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VIBE Magazine

5. November 2009 Manuva


auf we know know rap schau ich mindesten einmal am tag vorbei, denn die posts treffen eigentlich fast immer meinen geschmack. genauso wie folgender…

Not only is VIBE Magazine apparently coming back but Google also scanned all the back-issues. Back to the future!

ganz gross! thx!


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B-Bou - “Aaf dy Xicht” (Mixtape)

2. November 2009 Feux

Nach dem Video gibts heute einen neuen Beitrag mit noch mehr Bayrischrap aufs Ohr. Diesmal von Da Bou

B-Bou - “Aaf dy Xicht” (download)

Einen Eindruck kann man hier schon mal bekommen:

YouTube Preview Image

“B-Bou feat. Monaco Fränzn - Buamaoumd”

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