SelfSays - Something out of Nothing

4. Februar 2009 Feux


Selfsays from Detroit (Michigan) finally released his Debut EP of collected tracks over the years - called Something out of Nothing on the 2th of February. On the productions are some talented young producers like Samiyam, Bullion, Knowledge, Devon, Jackhigh … Should definitely not be missed in your collection!

I produced “Little Things” - you can download and listen here:

SelfSays - Little Things [prod by feux]

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4 Reaktionen zu “SelfSays - Something out of Nothing”
  1. BNCKD


  2. Manuva

    wirklich nice.

  3. Alex

    shhii… sau geil.. gleich mal laden.. beat is echt dope!

  4. Kaisamühn

    feuxingaaa!des bangt mein bub!

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