Restless Leg Syndrome – Swapping Swingers EP

1. Dezember 2011 Feux


Dj Chrisfader, Testa und DBH haben sich auf ein Packl geschmissen und die wildestens Grooves der 1920er unter dem Titel “Restless Leg Syndrome” verwurstet. Geht ins Tanzbein!
Das “Swapping Swingers” Vinyl kann man unten via bandcamp ordnern!

The concept behind their joint-venture is quite simple: Take an old genre of music, sample and flip it into dancefloor-ready beats, from HipHop to House. In the case of their debut EP “Swapping Swingers” the focus is on the Swinging 1920s. Now, Restless Leg Syndrome captured that musical vibe in the hopes of turning 2010s dances similarly rowdy!

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