Ritornell - Golden Solitude

14. März 2009 Feux

Ritornell - Golden Solitude is out now on the lovely label Karaoke Kalk!

It’s available in the Formats CD and LP at all usual stores like Amazon, Boomkat, HMV, A Number Of Small Things, etc.. and as a digital download at Itunes, Zero-Inch, Beatport, Whatpeopleplay, etc.. The nicest shops are: A Number Of Small Things, Boomkat, Itunes, Zero-Inch

Of course you can also get a copy at one of Ritornell’s next concerts:

Ritornell. Live

07.03.2009 At-Graz | Forum Stadtpark
13.03.2009 At-Linz | Quitch
21.03.2009 At-Salzburg | Elektrofachadel, Jazzit
02.04.2009 At-Wien | Sound:Frame Festival /w Depart, Künstlerhaus
16.04.2009 At-Wien | Sound:Frame Festival, Künstlerhaus
23.04.2009 E-Barcelona | Störung Festival, Farinera del Clot
28.04.2009 At-Linz | Soundscapes, Kapu

What Boomkat says about Golden Solitude:
“Ritornell is the duo of Richard Eigner and Roman Gerold, two Austrian
composers from specialising in different yet wholly complimentary
disciplines. Gerold is a trained jazz pianist whereas Eigner has
established himself as a sound artist, having also contributed some drums
to Patrick Wolf’s last album, Magic Position. Golden Solitude - the duo’s
debut album - arrives with a following that includes avant-techno maven
Cristian Vogel and underground Canadian director Bruce LaBruce, who used a
track from the album on his latest film Otto, or, Up With Dead People. The
music that makes up Golden Solitude combines lavish electronics (working
with both beats and more esoteric textures) with more naturalistic jazz
combo aesthetics, embracing meticulously recorded acoustic drums, bass and
horns without being too reverent. ‘Catch & Kiss’ is content to shatter the
source material into glitches and stutters, just about preserving the
rich, smokey instrumental timbres whilst ensuring a shock of modernity
runs throughout the piece. While comparisons to groups like Dictaphone
seem fairly natural, the film noir qualities of ‘Dissapearing City’ takes
Ritornell into knowingly loungey territory, only to be hastily subverted
by granular sound collages like ‘Naked’ and the piano-based micro-drone of
the Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto-alike ‘Nina’. Recommended.”

Golden Solitude (Dimlite’s Superloner Remix)

A Fancy Friendship (Richard’s Rework)

fast alles geklaut von hier. schreibfaul.

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