Doom in Paris

6. März 2010 Szenario

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Mf Doom Remix produced by fLako & Robot Koch

13. August 2009 Manuva


kollege flAko und robot koch haben gemeinsam einen mf doom remix gezimmert, der one again zum freien download steht.


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Doom - Live

28. März 2009 Szenario

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Ghost & Doom - “Chinatown Wars”

15. März 2009 Szenario

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DOOM - Cellz

2. März 2009 Manuva

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ich kann schon nicht mehr ruhig sitzen, so sehr freu ich mich auf das neue doom album born like this. nach ballskin lässt mich auch cellz auf grosses hoffen.

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MF DOOM - DOOMED Mixtape (download)

3. September 2008 Manuva

und noch mal copy/paste. aber wenns um doom geht, wird nicht lang gefackelt….

A year in the making. No lie, I was originally going to drop this mixtape in September of 2007. It’s been an on and off process since then, but it is finally here. Featuring blends, remixes, exclusive freestyles from some good friends of mine, rarities, live performances and much more. I put mad effort into this project, so I would really appreciate you to check it out, it’s a free download. Included is a bonus wallpaper designed by 4Five, who also did the cover. I will be printing up some hard copies with special edition artwork and a few other goodies soon, so be on the lookout for that (leave a comment if you might be interested in purchasing). Also, huge props to OJ Loopz for splitting this up for me, I appreciate it my dude. I’m done talking, please let everyone know about this project, you wont be disappointed!

direkt download


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Fake MF Doom

23. August 2008 Manuva

Now, at the recent San Bernardino stop of the Rock The Bells tour, the rumour mill keeps turning. Supposedly, MF Doom (a masked rapper) took the stage and appeared to lip-sync some tracks before angry fans screamed “Bullshit!” and threw things, prompting the performer to leave the stage.

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Doom & Ghostface - “The Mask”

9. Juli 2008 Szenario

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