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15. März 2009 BNCKD


tom trago

…well known dutch producer, who has his homebase on rush hour and nod navigators , presents his debut album “voyage direct”, out on rush hour.
most of you will know him from the “beat dimensions” series or “08bar” - both out on rush hour too. the latter already showed his passion for fine house beats,
and this album is full of great and deep tunes; quite melodic with a touch of the recent re-edit disco flair.  i´d say it´s perfect for people, who like house, but haven´t really heard
a lot before and / or like the dutch stuff in general. for my taste, the tunes are perfect for the walkman and such…for the floor i hope there´ll be some reworks, which could be interesting, considering the melodic material on “voyage direct”.

danilo plessow

alias inverse cinematics, the beat wunderkind from motorcity stuttgart, freshens up my crate with his new 12inch out on 20:20 vision!
the ruff house, detroit influenced releases under his alter ego “Motor City Drum Ensemble” are a bench mark in my recent playlists.
almost every release was and is a bomb. if you don´t know any of this…check for his “raw cuts” EPs on MCDE or the compost black label releases.
tips: get slapped up and raw cuts # 1 & 3! anyways, the new 12inch “lonely one” features 3 tracks, my favorite is the dirty, ruffly chopped  and dark “frontin”.


the swedish minimal producers, who recently played a live set in vienna at “resolut” and released their highly acclaimed debut “animals” on cocoon, dropped the
vinyl only 10inch “doiicie”, containing 2 versions of the same song, a minimal one and a clubbier, deeper version. very basic, and minilogue typically spun shit.


is back with the highly recommended and brillant “young heartache” EP out on One Handed Music. all 4 songs are killin it! more song like arrangements, plus
the typical heavy drum programming, wonderful melodies and some fine vocal samples. tips: “young heartache” and the discoy “time for us all to love”.


definitly worth a try for all beatheads and those who wanna become .. exile with his brandnew instrumental album “radio”, letting y´all know, that the mpc still is
the mother of all beat creation machines. favorites: the opener “frequency modulation”, “watch out!” and “mega mix”.

not new at all..

but still recommended for detroit tech afficionados is this last joint right here:
carl craig & moritz von oswald - recomposed: music by maurice ravel & modest mussorgsky
a brillant, almost continous detroit techno treatment of classic material from 2 great composers.
if you´re into the detroit shit, this is the perfect “classic” record for dark and cold sundays.

ps…all these tunes could / can / will be heard at our weekly radio format “313″ on

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