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1. Februar 2008 Feux

It’s finally done!

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21&ghost / Nebz Supreme
21&ghost EP
Slavecraft Records 2008

artwork: [arempilu]

1. Intro
2. March
3. Give you what i want
4. 21st & Ghost St.
5. Water (Ghostly)
6. So Delicious feat. Lorena
7. Nevermind that feat. Lorena
8. Roll it up (oldmanrugged)
9. Still Floatin feat. Lorena
10. Water (Nebz Mix)
11. Shouts

who is 21&ghost?

21 & Ghost is a collaboration between, up and coming emcee Nebz Supreme and the Austrian production duo of fEux and dälectronic. The group formed after a brief myspace collaboration that turned into an entire project in the matter of one weeks time. The first track spawned (21st and ghost st.) would eventually lead into a collection of 11 songs…

prelistening [here] (via .m3u stream)

for more information check [CDBABY]

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