28. November 2008 Prokobeats

Eh ein Oldie, aber trotzdem noch unglaublich.  So eine feine Linienführung, da kann sich der Marcelo Bravo in Sachen Rüssel-Kontrolle auch noch eine Scheibe abschneiden.

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MOTU - a wall-painted animation by BLU

28. Juni 2008 BNCKD

Recently stumbled upon this extraordinary piece of street art animation on youtube.
With almost 2 million hits and numerous blog features this here won´t be the newest catch, but still worth a look!
Streetartist Blu painted and taped this in Buenoes Aires, don´t wanna know how long it took him, but the result is simply spectacular. The sounddesign by Andrea Martignoni is quite wicked too…so long - watch it, click through and come back - gonna update this hopefully soon with some more detailed information on Blu!

MOTU by Blu on Vimeo

You´ll find more vids, sketches and paintings like this…

…on his website and blog:



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