M-Tone - Sounds of my own beating drum

21. November 2011 Feux

M-Tone is back! Well, maybe the name doesn’t ring a bell but you might familiar with his art since he was one of the co-founders of the mighty phonosapiens, who dropped their debut “Circulating Instrument” in co-op with Supercity in 2008.

Since then M-Tone got into producing, collected some IDA-Champion titles and is still one of the ruling turntablists of our little country. For his solo debut “Sounds of my own beating drum” he also features some MCs from around the globe. Of course there are highly technical cuts and scratches on it too. So the comeout is a nice blend of different styles embedded in M-Tone’s debut full of blood sweat and tears making you listen to the “Sounds of his own beating drum“.

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