The Final Days Of Full Circle Records

25. Januar 2009 Manuva

dokumentation über die schliessung eines plattenladens namens full circle records in new jersey.

The Final Days Of Full Circle Records - A Documentary By Michael Greene. In October of 2006, a small mom and pop record store in Southern New Jersey named Full Circle Records announced that it was going out of business and that the liquidation sale would continue until mid December. Ironically, at approximately the same time, Tower Records, the iconic juggernaut of the music retail market, made the same announcement. Something has happened to the music retail world and it seemed to have happened overnight. …Or did it? The Final Days Of Full Circle Records is a fascinating documentary that provides valuable insight into the rise and fall of the record store industry and subculture which may change the way you think about music, music retail, and the art of collecting music forever.

da kommen natürlich erinnerungen hoch. für mich war der erste goalgettershop in der alten, umgebauten apotheke in der agentinierstrasse einer der schönsten plattenläden wiens.

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