Minor Sick - Life Insurance Lies in Anti N (Video)

22. Oktober 2010 Feux

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Taken from the upcoming “Fremdscham in Reality” 12” on Duzz Down San.. Another Track is available at Minor Sick’s Soundcloud. If you dig what you hear pre-order the album at hhv.de. If you need more information on minor sick & the 12”.. check the info-sheet. (english+german)

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Nasihat Kartal – Söylenmemis Sözler

22. Oktober 2010 Feux


Nachdem DemoLux, Tactik und Raptoar (den man über die legendären Andaground LP von Tibor Foco kennen sollte.. übringes hier neuer Stuff von Tibor Foco aka Jack Unterweger gemeinsam mit Chakkuza) ihre neuen Releases bereits vergangenes Monat im Jazzit Salzburg präsentieren konnten, musste man auf Nasihat Kartal - der die erste Releasewelle des frisch gegründeten Hi5Entertainments abschließt - noch etwas warten.

via Ekrem: “Am 16. Oktober erschien, das 19 Tracks starke, Album von dem Salzburger Türken, Nasihat Kartal. Komplett selber produziert und mit tiefsinnigen Texten braucht der Kollege (mit der ceza/LMNO flow) aus dem “hi5entertainment” Umfeld (demolux, raptoar, tactik und derryl danston) sich definitiv nicht verstecken. Unbedingt auschecken!”

Frisches Video mit Übersetzung hab ich auch npch im Angebot:

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Shouts an Ekrem & pEtEr fürs posten und erinnern :)

Hier noch gesammelt die oben erwähnten Releases von Hi5Entertainment (alles for free):

…gemischt und gemastert wurde der Großteil des hi5ent. Katalogs übrigens von Dyzma der vor fünf Jahren gemeinsam mit Karäil und anderen MCs aus dem DNK Umfeld den Tonträger Karyzma+ (steht momentan zum freien download auf bandcamp bereit) released hat. So.. das war ein kurzer Bericht aus Salzburg. Mozartstadt let’s gooo.. zeigs der alten Dame!

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Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

21. Oktober 2010 Manuva

Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers from Warp Records on Vimeo.

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SenZ27 - Ballast EP

19. Oktober 2010 Feux


SenZ27 hat letzten Samstag im Leopold seinen Ballast gedroppt. Erhältlich ist das Werk via itunes, bandcamp, junodownload etc ..
Preorder für das Vinyl findet ihr wie immer auf hhv.de
Produziert wurden die Tracks von Mainloop, Clefco, Jay Beats, Phlow, Yro, Strike… und jetzt einfach mal reinhören…

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RIP … eyedea

19. Oktober 2010 BNCKD

ein weiterer der ganz grossen battelt sich jetzt wahscheinlich mit big L und co irgendwo da oben oder draussen.
eyedea - einer der besten freestyle mc´s und eine hälfte von eyedea & abilities ist gestern verstorben.
genaue hintergründe gibts nicht, eigentlich auch unwichtig. 28 jahre war definitiv zu jung.

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313 RADiO Playlist 18.10.2010

19. Oktober 2010 313RADiO


313 Radio - # 105 - 18.10.2010 Bnckd In The Mix by Bnckd on Mixcloud

313 SHOW 181010 # 105

BNCKD in the mix

space dimension controller - journey to the core of the unknown sphere - royal oak
aera - port hope - aleph music
nebraska - bar story - rush hour recordings
marcello napoletano - land of the groove - mathematics
fred p - emotive vibrations - finale sessions
unkown artist - untitled B1 - midnight hours
delano smith - ancestors (main mix) - undertones
akabu - another generation - Z records
mountain people - mountain001 (lexxx edit) - mountain people
cosmic trg - see other people (falty dl remix) - rush hour recordings

Kido Soon in the mix

dj sprinkles presents kami sakunobe house explosion - down home kami sakunobe - skybox
axel boman - purple drank - pampa
arto mwambe - one lonely knight - live at robert johnson
abe duque - untitled - unknown label
kirk degiorgio - nairobi - ART
round one - i´m your brother - mainstreet
the godson & dj raybone - nova 2 - realright music
roof light - midas - millions of moments

eyedea & abilities - sky diver - rhymesayers entertainment

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Sly Boogy - Fuck You Dummy [Don't Ask Me For Shit]

18. Oktober 2010 Brenk

YouTube Preview Image

Red ma aus der seele…the truth!!!

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Fulgeance - Glamour EP

18. Oktober 2010 Feux

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Good old friend Fulgeance is dropping his third EP “Glamoure” on Musique Large and it’s the last step before his first full lengh album.
The EP will be available on October 18 for an exclusive Boomkat digital release and on October 25 on vinyl and digital format via Boomkat, Itunes, Rush Hour and all the good dealers all around the world!

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ROBOT KOCH - THREATS | Project: Mooncircle, 2010

15. Oktober 2010 Buzz

YouTube Preview Image

Aus dem neuen Album: Robot Koch - Songs For Trees And Cyborgs

Get the Vinyl HHV.DE

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Sneakerness Vienna 2010

14. Oktober 2010 RUN VIE

Sneakerness Vienna 2010 from fabian on Vimeo.


with music by DJ Buzz

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The Moon Comes Closer

13. Oktober 2010 Feux

There’s a new Compilation coming up on Project Mooncircle which features lots of known but also a few unknown artists manly from the beat scene.. here is the concept behind The Moon Comes Closer:

Many years ago during the hard times of life in Moscow, the young girl saw the Moon consciously for the first time and at that very moment the dream began. These vivid thoughts remained in her mind and she started to ask herself “How can I get to the Moon?“. Soon she found the label Project: Mooncircle over the internet and told them her story, at once she saw a chance to come a few steps closer to her dream. By now Jinna lived in Germany and it was possible for her and the label to meet, her key question was “Can you bring me to the Moon?“. The answer was a faltering “No, but maybe we can let you fly to the Moon in your mind. Let’s build the soundtrack to this vision, close your eyes, clear your thoughts and let us begin on your journey“.

This will be available on the 5th of November and can be pre-ordered at hhv.de here is the full length audio snippet:

a list of all the artists appearing on “The Moon Comes Closer”: Robot Koch, fLako, Pavel Dovgal, I.D. 4 Windz, John Robinson, Lambent, Nienvox, Juj, Mr Cooper, MyOwn, Long Arm, Daisuke Tanabe, Graciela Maria, Scienz Of Life, Andy Kayes, Abnormal, Capella, Comfort Fit, Kan Sano, Gards From KC, Puzzle, Sense of The Q4, Sotu The Traveller, V. Raeter, Himuro Yoshiteru, Skyence, Dexter, Portformat, 40 Winks, Dela, Brazzaville & Killing Skills… must be some high quality shit! right!

PMC069 - V/A: The Moon Comes Closer - Compilation Snippet by Project Mooncircle

As you can see on the lit this compilation also features Pavel Dovgal a young artist from Russia, who dropped his first solo release a few weeks ago via Project Mooncircle.. His album “Cassiopeia” (the title reminds me of this great tv show and this club in berlin where i actually never been to.. but maybe next time..) is a mix between different sides of the concept of “Cassiopeia”. It’s about life, the universe, humans and the future. Cassiopeia includes musical approaches comparable to Prefuse 73, Robot Koch and Kryptic Minds.

For a little discussion of the track “Salzburg” check minor sick’s blog

album already available at hhv.de + check the snippet:

Pavel Dovgal-cassiopeia snippet by Pavel Dovgal

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“Star” feat. Hanz / SEPALOT

13. Oktober 2010 Manuva

YouTube Preview Image

super exclusive ish from sapalot!!! new album 2011…

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HVW8 International Podcast Vol. 21: We Run Things w/ DJ House Shoes

12. Oktober 2010 Feux


HVW8 International Podcast Vol. 21: We Run Things w/ DJ House Shoes (download / tracklist + infos)

incl brenki boi remix von einem guilty simpson track..

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12.10.2010 @ Viper Romm

11. Oktober 2010 Manuva




Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 38
1030 Wien

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