Ridiculous Pool

24. November 2009 bity

Once upon a pool there was an artist, a pool shark and a dream.

D*face spent four days (stencil) painting the Ridiculous pool, owned by pro surfer Peter King. Skate action by Salba, Jen O’Brien, Ronnie Yerman, Kevin Burke, Art Miranda, Nick Yamasota, Tristan, Nathan and a few more.

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4 Reaktionen zu “Ridiculous Pool”
  1. buzz

    YEAH, BITY in the house! WELCOME ;-)

  2. Manuva


  3. bnckd

    sehr schön, logo funktioniert auch, let´s take care of the rest!

  4. bity

    LOL, thanks for the warm welcoming - will keep it alive and kicking! ;) peace, jurgs

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