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31. Januar 2009 BNCKD


this is for those, who haven´t heard of it yet and those who have, but not actually did hear any shows live on air.
well, the  twintowas´ cousin, fashion & music afficionado KDSN [kido soon], vienna based event manager, dj  & superfly radiovoice Thomas De Martin [bujaka] & myself BNCKD are hosting a weekly radio outfit called “313RADiO”,
on vienna´s new private radio Superfly.fm 98,3 - mondays from 22.00 til 0.00!

the selections are pretty eclectic and range from low club style, glitchy hiphop tunes to broken and housy stuff over to detroit and even minimal. after 30 shows, we´ve catched quite a few listeners so far, and of course are always happy and looking forward to welcome new fans & critics ;)

so feel free to tune in (if you´re in vienna) or check out their stream (128k with user account)!
the playlists can be found every tuesday night at the supercity 313 blog!
and if you have mixes you think of worth be played, brandnew tunes or just wanna be a guest, gimme a shout!

i´ve built in a soundcloud stream (128k) for the best (and actually available) mixes!
(now online: jan09, dec08 & some nov08 mixes!)

a nice weekend to everyone and thx for all the fish!

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3 Reaktionen zu “313 RADiO”
  1. Mahdi

    I wanna work for Diddy!!!


    one of the best shows ever..

    I kon halt leida net wirkli uflegen, aber i könnt ma ein konzept für ein biggie special einfallen lassen für den 9.März, der ein Montag ist und….sein….naja…es war nicht sein Todestag, he was a God MC and God can’t die…also sein Biggie Himmelfahrtstag ;)

  2. bnckd

    das könntest machen, in der tat!
    oder du zammsuchen und der proko oder so solls mischn ;)

  3. Mahdi

    gut….dann machts der proko…

    marco..das kannst du hoffentlich doch, oder??

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