Samiyam / Ras G @ Amoeba Music

1. Februar 2009 Feux

I know i’m a lil bit lazy the last few days by only picking some youtube videos.. hehe. But watch out! Listen to these two vids (you’ll get crazy if u watch) and you hear some new Samiyam + Ras G (performing live at Amoeba Music, San Francisco) stuff.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Here are two other ones from Dibiase and Pudge

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2 Reaktionen zu “Samiyam / Ras G @ Amoeba Music”
  1. Mahdi

    Amoeba Music in SanFran…one of the greatest record stores I’ve ever been to.Thanks!

  2. Alex

    wie kann man so geile beats machen wie samiyam.. der macht mich fertig der kerl…

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