Dimlite - Prismic Tops Trailer

7. Dezember 2009 BNCKD

Your favorite producers´ favorite producer, RUN VIE guest 2010 and on top one of my absolute favs if it comes to musicmaking, Dimlite, is finally releasing his new 6Tracker on Now Again / Stones Throw beginning of 2010.

“Summerlings + snugglers…finally some news. The damned, much talked about (by me) 3rd album Prismic Valuta Rising, announced earlier this year, is definitely not coming out as an album. BUT: 6 tunes of it made it on the next Dimlite release on my new home. Tangerine cheesecake. The record’s called Prismic Tops, it will be coming out on Now Again Records (Stones Throw) by the beginning of 2010: Sun-sized Twinkles will be on it, Elbow Flood.. – “Mind you”, these tunes are from the last 2 years, so as of NOW, I’m sitting working on a NEW, ALBUM.. tangerine.. cheese.. cake. Once it’s finished, it will – I can’t keep it a secret – redefine mankind’s perception of the whole universe tangerine cheesecake. Dim”

Here´s the video trailer!


As one more goodie on top here´s a 15 minute Dimlite mix that Mary Ann Hobbs broadcasted in her show some weeks ago.
Grab it!

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