Dj Buzz presents:
Cosmic War Of The Planets

9. Mai 2009 BNCKD

Few peops amongst might have seen Dj Buzz´ new multimedia project “Cosmic War Of The Planets” live at the Soundframe Preview Party end of last year in Vienna, featuring the Twintowas, Chrisfader & Dorian Concept.
In April 2009 the official Soundframe festival started in its second round and so did various exhibtions, of course featuring this wicked multimedia movie remix project.

Dj Buzz just got back from Cologne, after signing each and every of the 888 limited vinyls. the official release on Personal Records is scheduled for the 3rd of July.

Here you can listen to the album and following up, we have some pics from the live show and the exhibition! Enjoy!

Have a look at the whole gallery!


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