JR&PH7 Remixcontest
With Planet Asia & Rakaa Irisience

6. Mai 2009 Supercity


Thx! to those you have sent in remixes for our little project here! Since we´re still waiting for a few mixes, plus have to go through all the already sent-in treatments…we´ll postpone the deadline to mid / end may.

So now again and still; here´s your chance - be a part of this remix EP. We know there are many talented producers out there waiting to be heard, so don´t hesitate, grab this Planet Asia & Rakaa Irsiesience Acapella right here and show us what you got!

Ps: The Bpms aren´t exactly a 88,5 - we wanted to correct this, but won´t post the exact bpms after all. Most of the mixes / acapellas have the right tempo, some don´t at all.  It should be easy for y´all to get the grip on the right tempo, if you can´t do so, you´d better listen to more rap music and keep on trying to get it done right.

ORIGINAL: Take It To The Streets  ft. Planet Asia & Rakaa Iriscience

DONWLOAD ACAPELLA (~ 88.5 bpm): Acapella_Planet_Asia_Rakaa_Iriscience

Just upload your version via soundcloud til the 23th of may. You´ll find the soundcloud-button right here or in the sidebar in this weblog!

So go ahead and show us what you got!

Good luck and beat it up!

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