JR&PH7 Remixcontest
With Planet Asia & Rakaa Irisience

6. Mai 2009 Supercity


Thx! to those you have sent in remixes for our little project here! Since we´re still waiting for a few mixes, plus have to go through all the already sent-in treatments…we´ll postpone the deadline to mid / end may.

So now again and still; here´s your chance - be a part of this remix EP. We know there are many talented producers out there waiting to be heard, so don´t hesitate, grab this Planet Asia & Rakaa Irsiesience Acapella right here and show us what you got!

Ps: The Bpms aren´t exactly a 88,5 - we wanted to correct this, but won´t post the exact bpms after all. Most of the mixes / acapellas have the right tempo, some don´t at all.  It should be easy for y´all to get the grip on the right tempo, if you can´t do so, you´d better listen to more rap music and keep on trying to get it done right.

ORIGINAL: Take It To The Streets  ft. Planet Asia & Rakaa Iriscience

DONWLOAD ACAPELLA (~ 88.5 bpm): Acapella_Planet_Asia_Rakaa_Iriscience

Just upload your version via soundcloud til the 23th of may. You´ll find the soundcloud-button right here or in the sidebar in this weblog!

So go ahead and show us what you got!

Good luck and beat it up!

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New Supercity Release:
JR&PH7 - The Standard
feat. Guilty Simpson, Black Milk, Planet Asia, and many more…

26. Januar 2009 Supercity


is back with a brandnew release on the 20th of march 2009! Just ready for springtime, this will blow your ears hopefully! Included in this package you´ll find the debut album of two german HipHop producers, who go by the names of JR&PH7, entitled The Standard.

The featurette on The Standard is huge, with numerous well known U.S. underground HipHop artists and guest vocalists such as Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Planet Asia, Edo.G, Guilty Simpson, Skyzoo, Black Milk, Edgar Allen Floe, Oddisee and many more, just to name a few.

This is not about bling, fancy ringtones and all that, it´s about rappers, who got something to say. Groovy beats and soulful sampling combined with heavy drumming make this album a listening pleasure for the audience and JR&PH7´s mission pretty simple: It´s about where you´re at, not where you´re from.
Real music for real people.

JR&PH7 - The Standard - Rakaa Irisience Shout from supercity on Vimeo.

JR&PH7 - Take it to the streets feat. Planet Asia & Rakaa Iriesience


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