Groove Merchants Radioshow with Daedelus (Ninjatune, Brainfeeder)

30. März 2011 Feux

This month’s show features the one and only Daedelus who found the time to chat with me about his music, his life as an artist and about the music scene that he is a part of. Don’t sleep on this edition of Groove Merchants. A lot of new sounds are on the show as well ranging from Dubstep to Hip Hop and many more styles. In the second hour Feux got down to deliver a dope exclusive mix for the show. Give it up!
Enjoy and spread the word.

Groove Merchants Radioshow with Daedelus (Ninjatune, Brainfeeder) by majestic mood

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  1. Kensee

    wooow!!! flako häbt sich meiner meinung nach eindeutig ab von dem ganzen glitch zeug, was in letzter zeit durchs netz schwirrt und nur mehr gleich klingt….

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