11. Juli 2012 Feux

wirklich letzte sause im market/wien. diesen feereiiiitag.

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Groove Merchants Radioshow with Flying Lotus (Warp/Brainfeeder) + Swede:art Mix

26. September 2011 Feux

Majestic Mood had the chance to interview Flying Lotus at this years Dour Festival. Don’t miss this show incl. fabulous Swede:art Mix. Sureshot.

Groove Merchants Radioshow with Flying Lotus (Warp/Brainfeeder) by majestic mood

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Groove Merchants Radioshow with Pariah (R&S)

22. Mai 2011 Feux

This was a tough one. So much good music to choose from. I finally made my choices. LDBK Radio put out their first compilation. Peep it. Some tracks are in the mix. A new artist on the block called Mieux. More stuff by the likes of Jon Phonics, Two Inch Punch Ghostpoet and many more. Couple of remixes - Mobb Deep’s infamous Shook One’s gets a flip. Tokimonsta released her new EP on Brainfeeder called Creature Dreams. Some more stuff by Letherette from the UK via BTS Radio. Debruit flips Jamie Woon, that’s a sureshot.

This time I have Pariah in the interview. After his debut release Orpheus/Detroit Falls on R&S records there’s been much talk about the young producer.

Groove Merchants Radioshow with Pariah (R&S) by majestic mood

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Lefto @ Royal Eclectic (Vienna)

16. Mai 2011 Feux

LeFtO Films: Royal Eclectic at Market, Vienna from Lefto on Vimeo.

Hier die Zusammenfassung des Abends, den ich hier schon vorangekündigt hatte.

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Royal Eclectic presents LeftO

30. April 2011 Feux


In knapp zwei Wochen is es soweit. Royal Eclectic presents LeftO (Brownswood) mit local support von Trishes (Fm4/Tribe Vibes) und Majestic Mood (Groove Merchants Radio).

Bein’ affiliated with (a.o.) Blue Note Records, Brownswood, K7 Records, Stones Throw, Jazzy Sport and Appletree Records, Lefto has been rockin’ the Eastern hemisphere from London to Tokyo via New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. As a dj, producer, radio-programmer ànd organiser, this cat smells dopeness from miles away. He plays crowds like an eclectic puppetmaster, without boundaries nor mercy. His sets take you on a rollercoaster-ride through everything based on dope beats and kick-ass vibes; from reggae, dubstep and hiphop, to broken beats, funk, soul, deephouse and bossa. All kinds of undergroundclassics are blended with tomorrow’s fresh, future sound. This deadly combo is mixed and juggled at high pace, hardly giving you a chance to catch a breath. Watch your head ’cause the roof’s comin’ off!

hier gehts zum Facebook Event

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Groove Merchants Radioshow with Daedelus (Ninjatune, Brainfeeder)

30. März 2011 Feux

This month’s show features the one and only Daedelus who found the time to chat with me about his music, his life as an artist and about the music scene that he is a part of. Don’t sleep on this edition of Groove Merchants. A lot of new sounds are on the show as well ranging from Dubstep to Hip Hop and many more styles. In the second hour Feux got down to deliver a dope exclusive mix for the show. Give it up!
Enjoy and spread the word.

Groove Merchants Radioshow with Daedelus (Ninjatune, Brainfeeder) by majestic mood

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Majestic Mood - Glitchy Bizz

15. April 2010 Feux

Vor kurzem hat mir MajesticMood wieder einen feinen Mix zukommen lassen.

Listen here: http://i.mixcloud.com/COpW

Download some Flitz Mob and get fonky!

Danke an die Blogrebellen fürs Foto ;)

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“Glitchy Adventures” By Majestic Mood

14. März 2010 Feux

Another mix full of beat madness throughout the world - a lot of new stuff - heavy prodcutions, remixes. Dope all over.

Enjoy, and if you like it download it here!


Glitchy Adventures by Majestic Mood on Mixcloud

Mit einigen Preview-Tracks zu anstehenden Releases wie z.B. Knxldege - Klouds

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