Mr. Dero & Klumzy Tung - Don´t get me down

14. März 2013 Buzz

Neues aus dem Hause Tiefparterre Mr. Dero & Klumzy Tung mit Ihrem siebten Streich!

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i want one of those: carhartt handy trax

23. November 2009 BNCKD

Some say that buying vinyl discs these days makes you a romantic. Others claim that music pressed on vinyl is a cultural asset worth preserving. Carhartt says: vinyl just sounds better.


For the Fall/Winter Collection 2009 Carhartt is cooperating exclusively with Japanese company Vestax to bring a limited edition of the Handy Trax USB turntable into the shops – a portable record player for all-round use.

This vinyl player is the perfect pulse generator for picnics that turn into cosy open-air parties. It is also the perfect listening device for every dyed-in-the-wool vinyl enthusiast during extensive excavation trips at fl ea markets and record shops.

A tough plastic casing and the capability to operate at angles of up to 90 degrees make the Handy Trax player fit for universal use. On top of this, a stereo line-out makes hooking it up to your hi-fi system at home easy and a mini line-in jack also allows you to connect external devices such as MP3 players.

If you prefer to listen to your music digitally but own a large analogue collection, you can easily transform your vinyl into binary code via the newly integrated USB port. A transformation that results in loss of sound quality, of course…

That’s why Carhartt recommends using your Vestax Handy Trax USB turntable for nothing else but vinyl.


more infos here

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we love things that levitate

25. Juni 2009 BNCKD

Void‘ LP player spins records in midair like musical UFOs..

Inspired by the Vinyl Killer, which is currently the smallest record player in the world, Korean designer Rhea Jeong’s “Void” LP player would have records spinning in midair above it. Here’s the plan, according to Designboom, who Jeong sent the design to:

The record player uses a carrier and dock outfitted with a magnetic and auto-calibrating control system which carries the LP into thin air as it is playing music. A self-running record player shaped in the form of a red sphere, contains a needle, amplifier and speaker, spins around the record, bringing the music to life.

There’s even a control on the player’s base to control how high the record spins. It’s a wild design, for sure, but one that we hope becomes a reality one day.
more future design studies and wicked ideas @
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