Royal Eclectic presents LeftO

30. April 2011 Feux


In knapp zwei Wochen is es soweit. Royal Eclectic presents LeftO (Brownswood) mit local support von Trishes (Fm4/Tribe Vibes) und Majestic Mood (Groove Merchants Radio).

Bein’ affiliated with (a.o.) Blue Note Records, Brownswood, K7 Records, Stones Throw, Jazzy Sport and Appletree Records, Lefto has been rockin’ the Eastern hemisphere from London to Tokyo via New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. As a dj, producer, radio-programmer ànd organiser, this cat smells dopeness from miles away. He plays crowds like an eclectic puppetmaster, without boundaries nor mercy. His sets take you on a rollercoaster-ride through everything based on dope beats and kick-ass vibes; from reggae, dubstep and hiphop, to broken beats, funk, soul, deephouse and bossa. All kinds of undergroundclassics are blended with tomorrow’s fresh, future sound. This deadly combo is mixed and juggled at high pace, hardly giving you a chance to catch a breath. Watch your head ’cause the roof’s comin’ off!

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