Szenario - Magic Shop

26. April 2012 Szenario

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Szenario - Hypnotic Machine ft. DJ Buzz

4. März 2012 Szenario

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27. Februar 2012 Szenario


We’re proudly announcing our first Finest Ego solo releases. Available digitally and on limited chrome cassettes (with digital download code), we are releasing a series of albums and EP’s from talented and promising artists. Expect all facets of instrumental hip-hop, future beats and electronic beat music….

Images of classic movies come to mind while listening to the “Hypnotic Machine” by Vienna-based beatsmith Szenario. Wether a thriller, crime story or action flick, this album will turn your imaginary cortex into a screen for a true cinematic experience.


Mastered by Dj Buzz of Waxolutionists. Original paintings by Simon Walter.

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Finest Ego - German / Austrian / Swiss Compilation

28. Dezember 2011 Szenario


A while has passed since our last compilation has been released but just in time for the 2011 holiday season Project: Mooncircle and Finest Ego bring you the already fifth edition of our acclaimed compilation series. Shifting focus towards central Europe, we find the three countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sharing lots of their historical and cultural heritage, this copious collection contains work from producers of a wide range of musical manifestations – all located in the spectrum between traditional sample-based and organic sound to electronic and experimental compositions.

The compilation includes acts like Chief, Brenk, Dexter, Mono:Massive, Hulk Hodn, Captain Crook, Stroe, Hubert Daviz, Comfort Fit, Robot Koch, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, Quendolin Fender, Ju-Ar, Twit One, Suff Daddy, Figub Brazlevic, Szenario, Portformat, Flowtec, D-Fekt & Mr. Beef, Bit-Tuner, Feux, Kalifornia Kurt, B-Ju, Playpad Circus, Flex Fab, Ill-Luzion, Anthony Drawn, Hazeem, Minor Sick, XL The Red One, Glenn Astro, Frederic Robinson, and Willy Sunshine.

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PMC Label Night 11.11. @ Cafe Leopold

7. November 2011 Szenario


Mehr Infos hier.

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MondayJazz Mix from Gordon of PMC

17. Januar 2011 Szenario


01. Introduction - We’re On The Fuckin’ Moon
02. Fancy Mike - Ramachandran
03. Mr. Projectile - Less Math, More Music
04. fLako - Kelau
05. Evil Ed Skit
06. FERARRI - Witch Green
07. Robot Koch Skit
08. Robot Koch - True
09. Dovgal Skit
10. Pavel Dovgal - Solar Midnight
11. Juj - Pomegranate Limeade Feat. Bee
12. Jungle Drums And Ahu - Walk
13. Azzurro - Blind Alley Pt. 2
14. John Robinson And Lewis Parker - Planes Trains Automobiles Feat. StaHHr, Cymarshall Law, 4RCE
15. 40 Winks - The Day Breaks
16. SATO - On The Runn
17. Lewis McCallum - The Almanac Feat. Mara TK
18. Long Arm - The Roots
19. Dela - Jay Hova
20. Doppelkopf - Vom Mond
21. Asaviour And Evil Ed - Playin The Game
22. Szenario - The Shark
23. Dj Krush And Zap Mama - Danger Of Love
24. Jahbitat - Maia (Feat. Fibla)
25. Skit (The Earth)
26. Tumi - Untitled
27. Take - Dream Over
28. Robot Robinson (Robot Koch And John Robinson) - The Program
29. Tycho - Costal Brake (Lusine Remix)
30. Outro - Crazy Thinker

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7. Januar 2011 Buzz

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The Branches” album is a reflection of a world, where human feelings and natural powers are bound together. Everything is correlated in this world. There is no alive-dead distinction. The season change depends just on state of mind. Every move, every wind breath, every sound brings an information, opened for everyone who believes and ready to accept it, who hears and knows how to listen.

Mehr Info: Project Mooncircle PMC073

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