Aesthetiker 2009 - Masta Ace & Edo.G with the Waxolutionists live band!!

24. März 2009 BNCKD


this weekend the waxos live band (the twintowas, bnckd, zuzee & dj buzz ft. stoney the flute) played their long awaited gig with rap icons masta ace and boston´s finest edo.g @ the final party of the 2009 snowboard festival “wängl tängl” in mayrhofen, tirol.
here´s a small preview, the aesthetiker already edited a small vid for you to watch! this is just a small and ruff insight - hi-res pictures, videos and more are online asap - just let us sort out and wait for all the incoming stuff!
one thing´s for sure: the mountains rocked and the aesthetikers definitely are a bunch of the nicest people i´ve ever met.
the conclusion: we had one hell of a weekend, the concert kicked and the experience with those 2 legends was indescribable!

some first vids @ and some pics @

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