DJ Buzz: Cosmic War Of The Planets

21. Juli 2009 Supercity

Welcome to the future!
On July 3rd, Dj Buzz´ new baby drops on Personal Records!
Cosmic War Of The Planets” is a thrilling audio / video kinda thing, that will blow your ears and eyes!
From an old italo - us science fiction movie, Buzz seperated audio and video samples in order to give the movie as well as the music a new look and feel.
The result is a future classic, if by now you still don´t know what we´re talking about, have a look at the first video edit and single release “Stardust“, featuring Detroit´s finest Frank Nitty & viennese future funk expert Dorian Concept.

DJ Buzz: Cosmic War Of The Planets feat. Frank Nitty & Dorian COncept - Stardust:

YouTube Preview Image

Guess what happens, if Captain Future hooks up with Hexstatic, Madlib and Dj Shadow for a drink at the next pub? Perry Rodan records in writing for that extra trash factor, and Terry Gilliam adds up some cinematographic finishing? This clash in time, space and style seems self evident.
Vienna based producer Dj Buzz managed to turn this rather fictional and fantastic meeting into a brilliant journey in sound and vision. A multimedia remix voyage per excellence.
Buzz took original samples from an old US- italo science fiction movie, joining the soundscapes and movieflics to a simply outstanding masterpiece entitled “Cosmic War Of The Planets”. On record as on stage, this rumpus features viennese future funk expert Dorian Concept, the musician & producer duo “Twintowas” and Dj Chris Fader, as well as Detroit´s finest Frank Nitty on the 7″ release “Stardust“. The viennese design studio „Ichiban” takes credits for editing the videos plus the Dvd, that comes along with the lovely designed LP (artwork by franke).
Prepare for take off & some space madness!


order online @ HHV, iTunes or Goalgetter!

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16 Reaktionen zu “DJ Buzz: Cosmic War Of The Planets”
  1. zoo


  2. Manuva

    this one is gonna make you famous, buzz!

  3. Bonz

    Sehr stark!

  4. vincent valium


  5. Stizzy

    verdammt, nicestens!!!

  6. GMN

    revolution-, legend-, hell yär… beide Daumen hoch…

  7. aro

    auf jeden Fall Hämmer!!!

  8. johnny drama

    es is einfach so geil :)

  9. dan

    der ärgste einfach! big ups homeboy!!!

  10. brrrrenk

    yesssss oida!!!!bin gspannt wie a gummiringal auf die fertige version!!!

  11. winarsky

    Möada Scheibn!!!!!

  12. flip

    des buzzt!

  13. burnee

    supaleiwand! und der film is trash pur :)

  14. hooray

    Geniale Idee und Umsetzung!!! DVD is auch sehr flashig

  15. bnckd

    das is mal feedback ;) prepare 4 more ;)

  16. styler

    hallo, weiß jemand was mit los ist!?
    ich hab letzte woche die platte dort bestellt und jetzt ist die site offline und mails an kommen mit fehlermeldung zurück….

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