25. August 2014 Feux

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11. Juli 2012 Feux

wirklich letzte sause im market/wien. diesen feereiiiitag.

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† PRATER UNSER † 08.07 - 11.07 VIENNA

5. Juli 2010 BNCKD


True to the maxim that the Praterstern is the Partystern (party star), Vienna’s second district has evolved into the nightlife hotspot of the city.

Since opening its doors in the summer of 2009, the Pratersauna completed a triumvirate of the dopest venues in Vienna, bordering the famous amusement park, the “Prater” and all just five minutes walk from each other.

A collective of DJs, artists, promoters and club owners have united to use this perfect and unique situation to realise their interpretation of the superlative electronic music festival.

At four locations over four days, PRATER UNSER will present the electronic review from the 8th to the 11th of July, bringing you top international names along with local mavericks. From Dubstep to House and Techno to Hip-Hop, everything is in: just what the dance addicted, Viennese music aficionados crave for.

“..this could almost be called Vienna’s own little Sonar…” (electronic beats)
“…our first ever show in Vienna @ Prater Unser Festival..what a mean line up!!” (Electric Wire Hustle)

Ticketing info
VVK @ Jugendinfo
Prater Unser @ Facebook
Detailed program and downloadable timetable

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mixery raw deluxe - ösi special part 1&2

9. Februar 2010 Supercity

teil eins eines kleinen mdr österreich specials, mit dabei u.a.: der brenkiboy, die vamus, kamp & skero, trishes, kayo, chakuza & dorian! TEIL ZWEI wär dann auch online mittlerweile; mit dabei RAF, nazar, waxos, Brenk, madoppelt .. . . see 4 yourself:

@ MRD - - - wann gibt´s einen Teil 3 & 4?

ps: für die weiteren interviews >>> hier klicken und anschaun…via

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“Ich bin Wien” Repercussion

16. November 2009 Prokobeats

ATV berichtete…

Gegen HC Raps kommt die Nummer fast leiwand ;)

YouTube Preview Image

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Techno in Wien 1992

2. August 2009 Feux

“Es is keine Trottelmusik!”

via Richard Eigner

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Waxolutionists ft. Mystic, Dave Ghetto & Hezekiah - Feet Don´t Fail Me

3. September 2008 Supercity

ladies n gents - der erste vorbote des neuen und 5ten waxos album (welches im februar - ja februar in die läden kommt) has arrived!
dj buzz hat ein mörder brett vom stapel gelassen, mystic, dave ghetto & hezekiah - die übrigens mit einem zweiten song auf dem album vertreten sein werden - 3 verses vom allerfeinsten gedroppt!
das coversleeve (bzw die ganze releases serie) stammt vom deutschen artists dust - in zusammenarbeit mit el puno!
geremixed wurde auch fleissig, unter anderem von jazzy sport grösse grooveman spot und dem amsterdamer kid sublime!

As a first teaser, we present the long awaited Waxos 12″ “Feet don´t fail me” feat. the vocal talents of american hiphop allstars Dave Ghetto (long time collaborator of DJ Jazzy Jeff), Hezekiah (riding on the sucess of his solo debut “I predict a Riot” on NYCs finest Rawkus Records) and that girl Mystic.
Expect a hip hop classic in the making that will bounce the dancefloors worldwide. Furthermore, we got some excellent remixes coming along with the original.
Grooveman Spot from the Jazzy Sport massive outta Tokyo adds that special twist to the track, and Kid Sublime outta Amsterdam even completly re-did the track, adding his own vocals.

check releases for samples!

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